Are you up to Code?

The 2015 Canadian Electrical Code features new provisions that affect the use of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology. We'll help you understand the new guidelines and ensure you're up to Code.

Why Eaton?

We are the trusted brand in safety. Our AFCI technology is CSA Certified and meets the requirements of the 2015 CE Code. Also, every Eaton product comes with a 10 year or lifetime warranty. We provide safe, reliable AFCI technology that helps keep you and your clients safe.

Are you up to Code?

Understanding the 2015 CE Code

The 2015 Canadian Electrical Code requires all branch circuits in dwelling units supplying 125V receptacles rated 20A or less to be protected by a Combination-Type arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI), with some exceptions.

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The Eaton AFCI Circuit Breaker

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Keep your customers informed

When you install arc fault technology from Eaton, your customers will have peace of mind knowing their homes and their families are protected from electrical fires caused by arcing. To educate your customers on the importance of installing life-saving AFCI technology in their homes, download the Understanding the 2015 CE Code brochure.